Hands on Crêpe Brunch At HGS Home chef-April 2, 2023


Hands on sweet and savory Crêpe wokshop in Hillsdale.



Join me  in Hudson Valley-Berkshire kitchen At HGS home chef for a special Crepe cooking class + Sunday brunch.  I will bring Paris to Hillsdale and teach you how to make delectable savory and sweet crepes with a seasonal salad. This workshop will be hands-on, so you learn the technique and feel of cooking perfect crepes, and of course filling them with yummy stuff. Let’s cook (and eat!) together.


  • Savory buckwheat crêpe (galette de sarrasin) crepe squares with ham topped with an egg
  • Seasonal salad with roasted vegetables
  • Lemon and sugar crêpes for dessert